Refund Policy

If a student elects to withdraw from the school, Program Withdrawal and Refund Policy will apply.  All procedures must be followed accurately.  In all cases, when a student elects to withdraw, notification must be sent in writing, by U.S. Mail, registered or certified, return receipt requested to Rebecca Herrmann c/o South Dakota School of Massage Therapy, 902 W. 22nd St., Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

*If 25% or more of the course has been completed, no refund will be given.

* In all cases, application fee is non-refundable.

*In all cases, liability insurance is non-refundable.

*In all cases, textbooks and on-line resources are non-refundable.

In all cases, the official termination date is the day the school receives the certified letter.

Withdrawal before start of program

 A student may cancel this contract and receive a refund of the tuition paid by giving written notice sent by the close of the 15th business day after the date of execution of the contract (the day it was signed).  The school will retain a $150.00 withdrawal fee from the tuition refund owed.

If written notice of cancellation has not been received following the 15th business day after execution of contract, but is received before the start of the course of instruction, the school will retain a $250.00 withdrawal fee.

If the 15th business day after the execution of the contract falls after the start of the course of instruction, the "Withdrawal After Start of Program" refund policy will apply.

Withdrawal after start of program

If a student has been accepted by the school and elects to withdraw after the start of the course,  tuition will be charged for any and all class time the student was in attendance or absent.  A $500.00 withdrawal fee will be assessed for a withdrawal after the start of course instruction and will be deducted from the net tuition refund owed to the student.

Program Termination

If the school elects to cancel the program, all tuition will be refunded. The application fee will be applied to the next class.

Student Dismissal

If a student is dismissed for violating school policy (see "Grounds for Dismissal" section in the Student Conduct Policies), no tuition refund will be given.

Leave of absence

An excused leave of absence will be reviewed on a case-by-base basis with the School Director.